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Does your child needs help ?

There are several signs that will indicate to parents that their child needs a tutor. Here are some signs to find out whether your child needs a tutor:

Continued failing grades in school.

Child is constantly making excuses as to why he or she is not doing homework. The student is unhappy in school or having problems in general that you are aware of.

The teacher sends notes home to you and you have to go to school because there is disruptive behavior, a pattern that goes on for at least a full school year.

The typical pattern is the child gets a bad report card in the first semester and the second semester they get a second bad report card. In addition, students have difficulty time concentrating on other school activities, for example, science fair projects. In February through May, that's when the parents typically take action and get a tutor because they don 't want the child to go to summer school or to repeat a grade.

There is no such thing as a lazy child. That is a symptom. It's a question of motivation or if the child is having a problem processing the information or if there is a problem at home, such as parents going through a divorce.

So if your child is falling behind, getting a tutor to help him or her catch up. The purpose of tutoring is to speed up the learning process, make up the skills the child has lost and get them back up to the instructional level so the teacher in the classroom can continue thelearning process with the child.

The primary motivation of the child to learn comes from the parent. The following is a list of things that a parent should do to reinforce what the tutor is doing:

Check homework everyday (assigned by the school and the tutor).

Structure time to do homework

Provide a quiet place to study

Be available to help, but don't do the work

Show that reading and education are important.

Children usually needs homework help in, math, science, english, writing, algebra, chemistry, thereforebenefits form amath tutor, science tutor, English tutor, depending on the needs of the child. More and more parents are taking advantage of the online tutoring for the homework help and for science fair projects.